Delta Protection Agency

Is a private security company that provides security for the clients we are contracted with.  We meet the needs of our clients by having different types of security packages available: permanent guards on site, armed security, unarmed security, special events security, and security patrols.
Our guards must meet the requirements of North Carolina Private protective Services Board. They must have training, be able to pass the background check and be fingerprinted.  We also provide the opportunity for our officers to attend specialized training programs to broaden their knowledge.
Our security guards serve at Hotels, Motels, apartment housing communities, residential communities, filming locations, retail, restaurants, and special events.
Our Security Officers provide services for the following:
- Permanent Armed/Unarmed Manned Security
- Special Event Security
- Corporate, Retail, Commercial Real Estate
- Residential & Gated Communities
- Hospital & Healthcare Facilities
- Higher Education/Campus
- Financial Institutions
- Industrial & Construction